Parents, having two children currently at WVU myself, I want you to know that I take a personal interest in the well-being and safety of yours as my tenants. I am available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by phone and if an emergency comes up, I can be at the apartments in less than thirty minutes. We strive to provide the best maintenance and service possible. I am also open to hearing your concerns about the apartment or any needed repairs. In return, we expect our tenants to respect our property and do their best to keep it clean and in good condition. In cases where tenants refuse to clean up an apartment, Friend Rentals may hire a cleaning company and charge the tenants. We frown on large parties and destruction of property and such activities will result in eviction.

The signing of a lease is a very serious thing. When doing so, one agrees to pay a certain rent per month for a certain period of time. This is a legal and binding agreement and enforceable in court. Friend Rentals has many financial obligations, including mortgages, salaries and taxes to name a few,that must be paid and we are dependent upon the rents we receive to meet these obligations. It is imperative that you and your son or daughter understand the financial burden signing a lease involves. One can not simply decide to move out and not pay.

Choosing a roommate is a difficult decision that should not be made at a moment's notice. Remember that your son or daughter will be sharing an apartment with this roommate for an entire year. This means also the roommate's friends and family that will occasionally visit. Many times I have tenants call complaining about their roommate. However, there is little that I can do about it if it isn't a violation of the lease. Choose wisely.

Should your son or daughter need to get out of a lease for some reason, we do allow subleasing provided the other tenants on the lease are agreeable with the new tenant. This requires that we are notified and we give written permission for such subletting. This involves a lease between the new and former tenant where the new tenant is made aware of and agrees to abide by the terms of the original lease and whereby the new tenant pays the former tenant the rent and the former tenant pays Friend Rentals. This means that once a lease is signed, Friend Rentals expects full payment of rent from the people named on the lease. We do not re-sign leases. If your son or daughter chooses to sublet his/her apartment, it is his/her responsibility to collect payment from sublessor and even if they fail to collect payment, Friend Rentals expects the monthly payment to be sent. The original tenants on the lease also accept full responsibility for any damage a sublessor may do to the apartment.

As mentioned above, we expect our tenants to keep the apartments clean and to notify us immediately of any damages or needed repairs. Should tenants have a small party and not clean up, the City requires us to clean it up. As such, we will in turn charge the tenants $30.00 per worker hour for time needed. We will take pictures of any such parties or other activities as well as apartments that are dirty and may from time to time email them to you to make you aware of the situation.

In short, if your son or daughter rents from us, keeps the apartment clean, doesn't have large parties or damage the apartment and makes all rent payments, we will have a wonderful relationship. This accounts for over ninety percent of the tenants who rent from us. However, if your son or daughter is a partier or likes to stay up late with loud music and doesn't care about keeping the apartment clean, I advise that you look elsewhere.